“I have known Cliff for over twenty years. We have worked together on economic development projects, conservation projects and a variety of community improvement programs. I have always found Cliff to be creative, thoughtful and willing to look at issues from a variety of prospectives.

He has shown creative leadership in many of the projects where we have worked together. He is able to bring together the right people for just the rights tasks. His ability to get the most out of the people he works with has produced remarkable results in the business community and his work in land conservation and historic preservation. A keen sense of team involvement with clear leadership abilities makes Cliff a person I always look forward to working with on any project. “

Rob Loughery
Bucks County Commissioner


“I have known and worked with Cliff David for over 20 years. He is one of the ablest leaders I have encountered, and has been a role model for me in many ways. He is creative in his approach to problems and opportunities, yet methodical in his thinking and analysis. He is an inclusive manager, yet provides clear direction. He is a warm and caring person, and has created, in his years leading Heritage Conservancy, a devoted and humane group of managers and staff. He has high standards for his own work, and his organization, and inspires those that work with him to reach for the same lofty goals. He is a true leader in every sense of the word.”

Jeff Miller


“Conservation Economics (CE) has provided sound professional services which helped guide our company in a direction that maximized the use of our time and resources. The ability to structure productive relationships which minimize obstacles and bring rapid results has added to our bottom line. CE brought a level of trust and expertise to our multi million dollar project that helped us successfully navigate numerous environmental and community challenges. “

Nick Dilks

Managing Partner

Ecosystem Investment Partners


Conservation Economics completed a study for Aqua America that analyzed the key elements of one of our properties. This study allowed us to rapidly understand critical elements impacting our plans for revenue generation. The plan produced multiple strategies that will allow us to generate additional revenue, protect critical natural resources and support community goals.

Nick DeBenedictis

Chairman, President & CEO

Aqua America, Inc.


“Cliff David is a leader in the world of conservation and revenue generation. As head of a major regional land trust he brought forward concepts and strategies that supported conservation in ways that generated income for NGO’s while ensuring that the ecological systems of the property were maintained and improved.”

Michael DiBerardinis

Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community Resources

City of Philadelphia

Former Pennsylvania Secretary, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources


“Conservation Economics (CE) was asked to evaluate and recommend potential uses for PPL’s 1000 acre Montour Preserve located in Washingtonville, PA. CE prepared an extensive evaluation of the natural resources and an in depth study of community leaders and businesses. From the report, Conservation Economics provided an extensive list of recommendations for potential revenue sources and means for implementation. CE ‘s professionalism and timely deliverables were valuable in guiding PPL’s decision making process for the future of this important natural resource.”

Donald Bernhard, CEcD – PPL Director Community Affairs









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