Families looking to safeguard their wealth, property, and legacy for future generations, while preserving the natural beauty of their land.

Family Offices

Family offices searching for socially responsible investments that provide financially sound returns.


Local, state, and federal governments and agencies looking to preserve their land, while generating income for the benefit of their constituents.


Public and privately-owned companies looking for socially responsible investments that meet the needs of all stakeholders within their communities.


  • Nick DeBenedictis - Chairman, President & CEO
    “Conservation Economics completed a study for Aqua America that analyzed the key elements of one of our properties. This study allowed us to rapidly understand critical elements impacting our plans for revenue generation, and produced multiple strategies that will allow us to generate additional revenue, protect critical natural resources and support community goals.”
    Nick DeBenedictis - Chairman, President & CEO
    Aqua America, Inc.
  • Donald Bernhard, CEcD - Director Community Affairs
    “Conservation Economics conducted an extensive evaluation of our natural resources and an in-depth study of community leaders and businesses, which generated an extensive list of potential revenue sources and means for implementation. Their professionalism and timely deliverables were valuable in guiding PPL’s decision making process for the future of this important natural resource.”
    Donald Bernhard, CEcD - Director Community Affairs
  • Mark Texel - Director
    "Our relationship with Conservation Economics has tremendously benefitted both Waterloo Village Historic Site and the New Jersey State Park System. The Park System’s innovative partnership with Jeffrey Miller Catering Company, identified and negotiated by CE, created a new annual income stream that has funded significant capital improvements to Waterloo Village, and has resulted in vibrant park aesthetics and an enhanced visitor experience. We couldn’t have done this without them."
    Mark Texel - Director
    New Jersey Division of Parks and Foresty
  • Jeff Miller - President
    "Conservation Economics has helped our business expand significantly by facilitating several long-term partnership agreements between our company, government agencies and non-profit organizations that share our values. The symbiotic relationship that CE has created allows us to provide significant capital to these agencies and organizations, which helps them maintain and improve their properties so they can be fully enjoyed by the community. In turn, Jeffrey Miller Catering enjoys an exclusive relationship with these partners to host exceptional events at their one-of-a-kind venues. We couldn’t be happier with our relationship with CE."
    Jeff Miller - President
    Jeffrey Miller Catering Company
  • Kaben Smallwood - President
    "Sybiotic Aquaponics was born out of a need in our society for sustainable, responsible and effective agriculture. We began working with Conservation Economics in 2013, when they were selected by Investors Circle and the Hitachi Foundation to provide pro bono consulting to our startup company. CE’s thoughtful guidance with sales, marketing, and strategic planning has helped us engage with customers who embrace the idea of sustainable agriculture, and has resulted in custom aquaponic system designs, commercial builds and community education and outreach."
    Kaben Smallwood - President
    Symbiotic Aquaponics
  • Dr. Joseph Brosnan - President
    DVC was given a 386-acre farm property with little direction from the donor as to long-term uses. CE completed a comprehensive and thorough analysis that outlined options and implementation strategies that complied with the donor’s wishes, fit within the mission of the college and provided additional revenue streams for the college.
    Dr. Joseph Brosnan - President
    Delaware Valley University